Trash (Junk) Removal Invoice Template

A trash removal invoice is a paper or electronic billing document used by companies and contractors to charge customers after-the-fact for the removal and proper disposal of trash and old or damaged belongings. Through the issuance of a professional invoice, the removal company can specify the details of the work performed, such as the cost of disposing of the waste, the number of hours dedicated to the job, the square footage of junk removed, and other details specific to the job.

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How Do Trash Removal Services Work?

Those with old, unused furniture, yard waste from summer projects, old appliances taking up valuable basement space – essentially any items or objects that are no longer needed or wanted, can utilize the services offered by junk removal companies. From the moment the customer calls to request service to the moment the belongings are hauled away, the following steps are likely to occur:

  • Offer a quote of the removal services
  • Set a date for the junk to be removed
  • Disassemble + load trash into vehicles
  • Properly dispose of trash in accordance with town & state laws

Junk Removal Pricing

Due to the varying types of materials and load sizes a removal business may be tasked with hauling-away, companies often make use of add-on fees, hourly rates, cost per truckload, the price per cubic feet, and other charging methods to ensure they are fairly reimbursed for the work completed.

Pricing Factors

  • Cubic yards of trash/junk – The go-to method of charging in the junk removal industry is by the cubic feet of trash to be hauled away. If the trash or junk requires no (or minimal) disposal fees at local dumps/recycling centers, this may be the only charge listed on an invoice.
  • The difficulty of reaching the material to be removed – For customers that have their junk, trash, or belongings in areas that require the climbing of steps or in difficult-to-reach areas, removal companies often charge an add-on fee, increase the cost per cubic yard, or charge a higher hourly rate to account for the additional time taken for the job.
  • Disposal/recycling costs – Certain materials, such as rock and metals, appliances (e.g. refrigerators), and large items such as sofas or pianos are charged differently at waste facilities for the special disposal processes they may require. Because the junk removal companies pay this fee during drop-off, the cost should be added to the total invoice amount.
  • Tear-down/round-up of material – Much like the difficulty in navigating a customer’s property to collect trash or junk, if they require the removal company to tear down a playground, for example, this extra difficulty should be reflected in the invoice.

Trash Removal Near Me

Google Maps can be used to display any nearby removal companies and their contact information. While reviews should be taken into consideration, the reviews should be carefully read to ensure the junk removal company is the right one for the customer’s needs. Additionally, online services such as Yelp and Thumbtack can be used to locate nearby companies.