Tutoring Invoice Template

A tutoring invoice is a document used by full and part-time tutors for stating the total billable hours they are owed for the time they spent tutoring a child or adult. Private tutors typically charge their services on an hourly basis, with rates being subject to a multitude of factors, including the experience of the tutor, the subject being taught, and the competitiveness of tutors in the area.

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What is a Tutor?

A tutor is an individual that assists in the non-classroom learning of one (1) or more concepts to students of all ages. Tutors can specialize in mathematics, English, SAT prep, physics, biology, chemistry, a foreign language, or other school-related topics. Tutors often take an approach to instructing in a way that encourages students to learn answers on their own, which serves to both promote the retainment of information as well as boost the student’s problem-solving skills. According to Clarkson College’s article on the Role of the Tutor, a successful tutor is comprised of four (4) elements:

  • Competency in the tutored subject
  • Sensitivity to the needs and attitudes of those they tutor
  • Strong listening skills to understand what the student both does and does not know to determine the best method for tutoring
  • Tutors need to ensure the students whom they tutor are responsible for their learning

Overall, the tutor should be seen as a companion to the student’s learning – only there to help guide the student on their own journey, helping them overcome particularly hard obstacles in their way.

Tutoring Price Factors

The hourly rate ($/hr) tutors should charge for their services depends on a variety of factors, of which include:

  • The tutor’s education
  • Experience tutoring
  • Subjects available for tutoring
  • Cost of living
  • Competition in area

In addition to taking in the above factors, tutors should research the local tutoring rates to have an understanding of the general range in which they should set prices. In the tutoring world, undercutting the competition can have an adverse effect as desired, as parents often interpret a low tutoring rate for a less than desirable quality of tutoring.

Tutor Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $41,780/yr (source: BLS) Hourly Rate: $20.09/hr (source: BLS)