Videographer Invoice Template

A videographer invoice is a document to request payment from a client who ordered a scene or project to be recorded on video that may or may not include video editing.

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What is a Videographer?

The definition of a Videographer is someone who has mastered the art of filmography and editing for professional purposes. Anyone can take videos nowadays with a smartphone, but generally, when a person is described as a videographer, it’s due to their acute skill in video production and editing.

Videographer vs. Cinematographer

Videographers are generally hired by people to record weddings, events, and live performances. They tend to be more novice in skill, working on platforms such as YouTube and other social media outlets with equal skills in photography. Cinematographers often work with bigger productions and produce films for documentaries, movies, and commercials. Generally, you wouldn’t hire a cinematographer for a wedding or low budget production.

Videographer Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $46,257/yr (source: Payscale) Hourly Rate: $33/hr (source: