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Dance Teacher Invoice Template

A dance teacher invoice is used when a dancing instructor/teacher is owed payment for lessons that are about to start or have already been given to a student.

Dance Teacher Jobs

A dance teacher works out of a studio or space that is large enough to allow full motion and space for 2 or more people. The space also needs to be suitable for loud music and must not cause a nuisance to neighbors. Dance halls, school gyms, fitness gyms and private studios are all places where dance teachers perform their jobs. Unless teaching in a school, a dance teacher does not need certifications nor a degree in order to give lessons. Dance teachers can find jobs in the following teaching categories:

  • Ballet
  • Belly
  • Freestyle
  • Lap
  • Pole
  • Pop

Dance Teacher Gifts

One way of rewarding a dance teacher is by giving a gift. Since kids do not have the means to give their dance teachers tips in the form of money, it’s quite common to see kids make gifts for their dance teachers. A gift could be something simple such as a personalized letter with a heartfelt message, a bracelet, flowers, or even a coffee mug. Get dance teacher gift ideas by using sites like Etsy or Pinterest.

Dance Teacher Salary

The income of a dance teacher is based on their location and the institution in which they work. Dancer teachers teaching at a popular studio in a large city are going to make more money than others. Dance teachers can expect to make on average $46,700 per year according to GlassDoor.

  • Salary: $N/A
  • Hourly Rate: $22.91 /hr