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English Teacher Invoice Template

An English teacher invoice is a form that can provide details about lessons taught, hours billed, and the final amount owed to a teacher for their service. This invoice is popular to use amongst teachers working independently as a private teacher/tutor.

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English Teacher Jobs

Before finding a job, an individual must figure out how to become an English teacher. First and foremost, an English teacher that plans to teach at the high school level should have a bachelor’s degree in English or Education. To be an English teacher, one must have the knowhow to command a classroom, create lesson plans and execute teaching assignments.

English Teacher Jobs Near Me

  • Elementary – Requirements are to have studied early childhood education, language arts, and the ability to work well with young children.
  • Middle – Teachers are required to have knowledge when it comes to teaching young kids literacy (read and write) and the beginning core fundamentals of English.
  • Secondary – Required is the ability to teach literature, reading, writing, and advanced English studies.
  • College – Must be qualified to teach English composition and literacy studies to undergraduate students.

English Teacher Salary (Postsecondary)

There are roughly over 68,000 people teaching english at the postsecondary level in the United States. The statistics below are based on the mean annual wage and hourly rate.

  • Salary: $78,150
  • Hourly Rate: $37.57

(Source: BLS)