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Music Teacher Invoice Template

A music teacher invoice is a billing document used by both private and institutionalized music teachers to charge their students for the music lessons they were taught in their home or a music studio. Depending on the preferences of the teacher and their students (or families), music teachers can charge their services on an hourly basis ($/hr), per lesson, per week, or another time frame of their choosing.

How to Become a Music Teacher

The level of education required to become a music teacher depends on the type of teaching the individual would like to engage in. For private, one-on-one or small group teaching, having a degree or certification is not a requirement (although it can help improve teaching skills and client trust). For those looking to teach music to elementary, middle school, or high school students, earning a Bachelor’s degree and the necessary state-certifications should be considered mandatory.

Teaching in a Public Setting

According to TeacherCertificationDegrees.com, the following are the required steps for becoming a certified music teacher (in a public setting):

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in music or music education + complete a teacher preparation course.
  2. Complete a student teaching internship in music at the grade level(s) that the student wishes to teach
  3. Pass the required state tests for soon-to-be teachers (for a state-by-state guide, check out the Teacher Certification Reciprocity Guide)
  4. Apply for a teaching certificate
  5. Begin applying for open music teacher jobs

Teaching in a Private Setting

Teaching students how to play, read, and potentially write music in a private setting requires a dedication to music and learning, and in some cases, requires an equal or higher skill level at a single instrument than those that teach publicly. In general, those looking to privately teach music should have the following characteristics and skills:

  • Strong teaching skills
  • Highly experienced on at least one (1) instrument
  • Business-management skills for managing money and clients
  • Equipment, instruments, and coursework

Music Teacher Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $60,320/yr (source: BLS.org)

Hourly Rate: $29.57/hr (source: PayScale)