Piano Teacher Invoice Template

A piano teacher invoice is used to bill a student for piano lessons while keeping a detailed track of the hours and the number of sessions a teacher and student accumulate together.

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What is a Piano Teacher?

A piano teacher is someone who has a very good understanding of the piano, both in theory and in practice. Piano teachers generally have a strong background in classical training but not all piano teachers are the same. A piano teacher can be the little old lady in the neighborhood giving basic lessons to the university qualified piano teacher that has mastered the works of all the great composers of the past. Because the piano is so difficult to learn, a piano teacher is invaluable to a student’s education when learning the piano, whether it be starting out or progressing to become a master pianist. A great way to find a piano teacher or become a certified piano teacher is through the Music Teachers National Association.

Piano Lessons

When hiring a Piano teacher, either for yourself or for your child, it’s the piano lessons that are being bought with your hard-earned money. If progress isn’t being made, it’s advised to switch piano teachers in order to receive the quality lessons that you are looking for. That being said, the level of the piano teacher’s skill will often reflect the cost of their lessons. The best way to find piano lessons in your community is by reaching out to your local university’s music department. The university’s piano teacher can recommend a skilled teacher that fits your budget. Whether learning from a piano teacher in person or online, it’s important to generate an invoice to ensure payment. Below are the most common ways to receive piano lessons.

  • Personal Lessons, sitting side-by-side (in-home or at university)
  • Online via Skype or other video methods.
  • YouTube (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Piano Teacher Salary