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Preschool Invoice Template

The preschool invoice is a document issued by private preschools (also called “prekindergarten” or “Pre-K”) to parents to collect tuition for the education of their children, which range from three (3) to five (5) years of age. Depending on the preferences of the preschool, tuition may be required in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly increments, with financial incentives often offered for those that pay immediately or within a certain time window.

Table of Contents

What is Preschool?

Preschool is often considered as the first type of official education a child will receive, the “pre” referencing the precursor to a child’s entrance into kindergarten. It typically has classes segmented by children’s age, although some schools conduct tests to determine the type of classes the child participates in. Pre-K is a crucial time in children’s lives, as it both introduces and reinforces skills that aid in the transition into further education, and advances their intellectual and physical development. The types of lessons and topics parents should expect their children to learn in preschool include:

  • Colors & Shapes
  • Naming letters
  • Sounds
  • Numbers
  • Motor Skills (Cutting & Drawing)
  • Socialization

Because children are at an age where they are often encapsulated with their surroundings – often absorbing the items and stimulus exposed to them, parents should expect to be highly engaged with their children. In the home, this can be done by regularly spelling out the ABCs with the child, having the child identify the shape of items (square, circle, etc.), and regularly having the child spend time with friends.

How to Become a Preschool Teacher

Becoming a preschool teacher is not for everyone – parents can be demanding and unappreciative, and monitoring children can be exhausting. However, for those that can see past points above and understand every job has it’s pros and cons, becoming a preschool teacher can open the door to a rewarding career, where hard work is displayed through the physical and emotional growth of the children they support.

Masters-in-Special-Education.com highlights a few of the great characteristics aspiring preschool teachers should have, which includes passion, patience, creativity, dedication, and flexibility. To earn the title of a preschool teacher, expect to complete the following:

Earn a degree – While Associate’s degrees can be found both online and in-person, it is recommended that a Bachelor’s degree be earned, as the many states require preschool teachers earn a minimum of a four (4) year degree. In some states, any Bachelor’s degree and an accompanying teacher education program are adequate for teachers. In other states, preschool teachers need to major in Early Childhood Education or an equivalent major.

Intern – Before teaching on their own, graduates will often shadow an experienced preschool teacher to learn the ins and outs of the job.

Certifications – The certifications a preschool teacher is required to earn is determined at the state and/or national level. At the state level, certification is earned through the state’s board of education. For each state’s specific requirements, a complete state-by-state requirements list can be found at PreSchoolTeacher.org.

Preschool Teacher Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salaries and hourly rates for preschool teachers are the following:

  • Salary: $29,780/yr
  • Hourly Rate: $14.32/hr