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School Teacher Invoice Template

A school teacher invoice is used by private, freelance, and contracted non-salary educators to formally request payment from schooling institutions for the education of students in pre-k, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. Part-time school teachers may be needed to sub for a teacher that is sick, provide a seasonal class, or engage in non-standard teaching that doesn’t include the teacher collecting a routine salary.

Table of Contents

What does a School Teacher do?

School teachers have the heavy responsibility of teaching children and young adults both basic and advanced information to further serve them in both continued education and their eventual entrance into the workforce as adults. The skills that are required and recommended of teachers include patience (hands down the most important quality), leadership, communication, organization, commitment, and adaptability. Throughout a school year, teachers will typically be responsible for the following tasks/duties in a given day or week (with variance depending on the age of the students being taught):

  • Plan lessons & create in-class worksheets
  • Make testing materials
  • Monitor students and assess their learning
  • Enforce classroom rules
  • Communicate with student’s parents on their learning progress
  • Grade projects, tests, and in-class exercises

Becoming a School Teacher

To become a private or public school teacher, teachers will often need to earn the necessary certifications and obtain the necessary degree. While having a college education isn’t mandatory for landing a teaching job, having one will improve 1) the teacher’s resume, and 2) warrant earning a higher hourly rate. A popular choice for students that know they want to enter the field of teaching upon graduation is selecting a Bachelor’s program that includes teacher education and certifications in addition to the standard coursework.

If a teacher’s education did not include the necessary accreditation, accredited programs that offer the training can be found using CAEP’s (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) “Accredited Provider & Recognized Program Search“.

It should be noted that there are no laws that require private schools to hire accredited teachers. Having said, the majority of private institutions require their educators to be formally educated and accredited.

School Teacher Salary

The salary of school teachers is dependent on the state in which they teach, whether they teach for a private or public school, the grade/age of their students, and whether they are full or part-time. Kindergarten / Elementary School Teachers According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the median salary of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is $58,230/yr. The top and bottom 10% earn the following:

  • Bottom 10%: <$37,780/yr
  • Top 10%: >$95,270/yr

Job outlook (2018-2028): Three percent (3%) (in comparison to 5% for all occupations) High School Teachers The BLS states that the median salary for High School teachers in the United States is $60,320/yr. The top and bottom 10% of HS teachers earn the following:

  • Bottom 10%: <$39,740/yr
  • Top 10%: >$97,500/yr

Job outlook (2018-2028): Four percent (4%) (5% for all occupations)