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A yoga teacher invoice is sent to clients who receive yoga instructions on an individual or classroom style basis. Depending on the experience of the instructor, the size of the class, the type of yoga, and the duration of the session, the amount charged per invoice can vary greatly.

Why be a Yoga Teacher?

For those that live, breathe, and sleep yoga, learning how to spread their love of the craft to others may be the next logical step. Being a yoga teacher can bring joy and health to those that attend classes, bring about new discoveries and interests for different variations of yoga in the teachers themselves, and can pave the way for new relationships.

The best yoga teachers are the ones that do it out of pure love for the craft, as well as those with a healthy dose of compassion for those they instruct. According to Yoga Journal, an individual should not become a yoga teacher for the money; it’s not that a good salary cannot be earned from doing so, but that the motivation is coming from the wrong place.

Yoga Teacher Training & Certifications

Earning a certification from a reputable training platform can provide yoga teacher’s with the confidence they need to teach effectively, can open the door to employment positions, and can give those interested in their classes trust in that the instructor is competent. According to Yoga International, those seeking teacher training should be very stringent on the course they decide to go with. They recommend asking the following questions to teacher trainers before enrolling in their course:

  • Are you registered with Yoga Alliance?
  • What lineage do you teach from?
  • What are the learning objectives for your course?
  • What kind of teachers are you creating?
  • What’s a typical day of training like?

Typically, yoga teacher training is offered as either 200-hour or 300-hour courses, with the 200-hour course typically being the certification-minimum. The 300-hour course is “advanced study” and not usually a requirement for yoga studios, but can be a significant resume booster and show dedication to the craft if obtained. Some courses combine the 200 and 300-hour courses into a single 500-hour course as well. The “standard” in certifications is Yoga Alliance, which offers the RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification to students who completed a 200-hour or 500-hour teacher training at a registered RYS (Registered Yoga School).

Yoga Teacher Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)