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A graphic design work order to offers clients a means of putting in an official request for designs to be created. After a work order has been signed, the client will be liable to pay the designer for the images created.

Using the Form

Depending on the preferences of the designer, work orders can be used in one (1) of two general ways:

  1. Given to the Customer: The graphic designer offers customers the form, having them input their contact information, requests, and other details. The designer then completes the remaining fields, such as the cost breakdown, scheduling, and design specs. Allowing the customer to input details of their request is recommended, as they can specify dimensions, color codes, or provide a rough sketch of what they’re looking for, which would be difficult more difficult to convey by other means.
  2. Completed In-House: The designer completes the entire form on their own, collecting the customer’s information via an email or phone call. Once finished, the designer will give send the client the completed order for authorization to begin work.

Graphic Design Services

Types of graphic design services that work well with the work order include:

  • Art and illustrations for websites, video games, books, clothing, and stock images.
  • Web page, app, and theme design.
  • Designs for marketing: Infographics, menus, print ads, posters, email templates, etc.
  • Videos: GIFs, game/movie trailers, motion ads, and promotional videos.
  • Business branding (logos, icons, and colors).
  • Package/product design.