Landscaping (Lawn Care) Work Order Template

A landscaping work order is a form used by landscapers for documenting, quoting, and scheduling one-time or routine jobs to be performed for a customer’s lawn or garden. The form should be simple and straight to the point so it can be understood by anyone that reads it. The contract states the work that will be completed for a customer, the time it will happen, who will do it, and the total (estimated) cost of the job. Invoicing for Landscaping:

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About the Landscaping Work Order

A work order for landscaping should be completed for all types of landscaping jobs both big and small, of which include:

  • Routine lawn mowing
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Laying sod / sowing grass
  • Application fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides
  • General yard cleanup
  • Garden maintenance
  • Weed removal
  • Maintenance of motorized equipment and hand tools
  • Installation / maintenance of irrigation systems

Some landscapers also offer winter tasks, which can include plowing, de-icing, Christmas/holiday light installation, and the planting of bulbs that bloom come spring. Once a customer makes a request for work and/or a quote for landscaping services, an employee of the landscaping business will begin drafting the work order. They will need the customer’s contact information, address, and specific landscaping requests. In some cases, a landscaper will take a trip to the property to inspect the worksite to offer a more accurate estimate for the client. Once the work order is completed, it will be given to the customer for approval. Once confirmation is given, the job will be scheduled.