Wedding Cake Invoice Template

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A wedding cake invoice documents the total costs associated with providing a wedding cake to a soon-to-be-married couple. Wedding cakes, unlike standard birthday or celebratory cakes, involve a significant amount of labor and are often only prepared by bakeries and individual bakers that specialize in making the desert type. In addition to creating the cake, bakeries often provide cake tastings and supply accessories such as stands and utensils for the main wedding event.

Pricing Factors

Being such a special time for those involved, many couples strive to have as unique of a wedding as possible. Among the theme, outfits, and location of the wedding, the look of the cake is often a manifestation of the couple’s personality and preferences. To offer a product that is unique as possible, bakeries provide a wide range of options, allowing the couple to select the cake’s size, ingredients, and style. The most common pricing factors involve include:

  • Size
  • Number of tiers
  • Ingredients
  • Design / color / shape
  • Delivery time

Wedding cakes cost anywhere from $300 to $700, although extravagant wedding cakes can easily cost upwards of $1000. A cake is typically priced relative to the number of servings (or slices) it will provide. To account for extra servings, cakes are either increased in diameter, height, or a combination of the two.

How to Safely Transport a Cake

After all the hard work that goes into the creation of a wedding cake, the last thing a baker needs is to have their creation smudged or destroyed due to poor delivery planning. To safely deliver a completed cake (disassembled or assembled) to the wedding location, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Pre-stack the cake tiers + insert dowels to ensure structural stability
  • Chill the cake in a refrigerator for a minimum of one (1) day
  • Turn the car’s A/C on high
  • Add an anti-skid mat to the vehicle
  • Drive safely and take turns¬†very slowly

If the above is followed, and the cake was initially baked correctly (not under or overcooked), the cake should have a smooth, trouble-free trip to its final destination.