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Maintenance (Repair) Work Order Template

A maintenance work order is a document which allows a company or an independent contractor to gain information about a service request in order to execute a job. A job description, repairs, parts, hours worked and costs must all be included as a maintenance work order should be as transparent as possible.

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Maintenance Jobs

Maintenance technicians use work orders to complete requests made by customers or internally by their company. A work order only becomes a job once it has been approved by the requesting party and the service provider.

A work order to complete a maintenance job must include the following:

  • Detailed description/instructions of the needed task
  • Name of both parties (the requesting party and the party providing the maintenance)
  • Exact location of where the job is to be completed
  • Requirements needed to complete work order (parts, resources, tools)
  • Estimated completion date

Companies and individuals that routinely use work orders as part of their business, especially those working in maintenance, will also need a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) software solution to help track, generate and close out finished work orders.

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