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Software Consultant Invoice Template

A software consultant invoice is a form detailing the services provided by a software developer or a software developing company. This invoice can be used to bill a client for a deposit or the entire amount.

Table of Contents

What is a Software Consultant?

Not to be confused with a freelancer, a software consultant’s job is to find ways to build software for companies that have no means to create or build the software themselves. Software consultants generally do not build websites (that’s the job of a web developer) but instead solely focus on the software behind them. By talking to a company’s CEO or CTO, a software consultant can formulate the software or possible solutions based on their ideas/problems. Typically, software consultants do more than write code. Below are some examples of what software consultants do:

  • Develop applications and computer programs
  • Create phone apps
  • Project management
  • Fix program bugs

Software Consultant Jobs

Depending on the importance of the project at hand, the number of consultations conducted, and the company’s preferences, the cost of hiring a software consultant can range considerably. Software consultants looking to find work can look to online job boards. These are especially helpful for landing a virtual or in-person job in the United States. Due to the increased pay offered by US-based companies compared to other regions, becoming fluent in English is often worth the increased income. The following are two (2) job boards in which software consultants are frequently hired:

  • Upwork – Software consultants from other countries (and the US).
  • Indeed – Software consultants located near you.

Software Consultant Salary

Often a consultant’s location can have a significant impact on their salary. If a software consultant is employed in the United States, where there are currently over 1.5 million, they can make significantly more and have better opportunities.

  • Hourly Rate: $50.77/hr (source: BLS)
  • Salary: $105,590/yr (source: BLS)