Masonry Invoice Template

A masonry invoice is an official bill that contains an itemized list of service and material charges that culminated from the repair or installation of masonry work. Masons can use an invoice to require immediate payment upon the client receiving the invoice, or after a pre-determined length of time, such as seven (7) or twenty-one (21) days.

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What is a Mason?

A mason is a skilled tradesperson that uses a variety of stone or brick-like materials to construct and repair residential and commercial structures ranging from walkways, steps, chimneys to walls, as well as configuring and pouring concrete structures. Their work can include both structural and cosmetic mortar and stonework. Masons can specialize in many materials, including stone, concrete, brick, or tile, although specializing in more than one (1) material is common. The duties masons are often responsible for include (source: United States Bureau of Labor):

  • Read blueprints & drawings
  • Lay out forms, patterns & foundations according to plans
  • Break or cut materials to the appropriate size
  • Mix mortar or grout
  • Clean excess mortar with trowels & other hand tools
  • Align structures both vertically and horizontally
  • Clean and polish surfaces with hand or power tools
  • Fill expansion joints with the proper caulking materials

Becoming a Mason

To enter into the professional masonry field, aspiring masons should expect to complete the following:

  • High School Education or GED – Earning a High School diploma or GED equivalent is a necessary first step, as it is a common requirement for the majority of mason apprenticeships and education programs.
  • Training / Apprenticeship – Mason apprenticeship programs can be found in many areas, including but not limited to technical schools, masonry institutions, masonry unions and associations, and masonry companies. For finding a masonry program in the student’s state, created a helpful fifty (50) state program finder.
  • Certifications – Depending on the state where a mason is looking to be employed, there may be certain state-specific requirements. In addition to state mandates, many masons and businesses earn certifications to demonstrate their expertise to clients and potential employers. Both the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and the International Masonry Institute (IMI) offer popular, legitimate masonry certifications.

Mason Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

  • Salary: $59,870/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $28.78/hr (source: BLS)