A painting contractor invoice is a statement used for requesting payment for a completed paint job. The invoice can be used for large commercial painting jobs and for smaller painting assignments. The invoice should be attached to a bid (for use as an estimate) prior to starting the job.

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What are Painting Contractors?

A painting contractor is a company that can bid on available painting jobs in their local market by submitting an estimate. Every state is different, but most painting contractors need to be licensed with their state and be insured. When hiring for commercial or residential painting, whether it be for exterior or interior painting, a painting contractor is what you’ll need in order to take on the job.

Painting Contractor’s License

Almost every state has some type of requirement in order to legally work in the profession as a painting contractor. If you are a homeowner, you do not need a license to paint your own house if you aren’t paying anyone else to help you. Each state has a threshold on the cost of a painting job; if the cost exceeds the state’s threshold, a painter must be registered with the state or have a painting contractor’s license to take the job. Getting a painting contractor’s license also varies by state. Here is what’s generally needed in order to qualify and start your painting business:

  1. Have at least one year’s worth of experience working under another painting contractor;
  2. Pass a written exam;
  3. Acquire insurance (which isn’t cheap). This serves two purposes as it protects the business and the property owner from liability if any injuries occur to the sub-contractors working on a painting job.

Painter Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

The average salary and hourly rate of painters located in the United States can be found below. Note that rates vary based on the state, the complexity of the job, whether it is commercial or residential, and many other factors.

  • Salary: $47,140/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $22.66/hr (source: BLS)