The web developer invoice is for any IT professional or programmer that assists in creating or servicing a website. This broad invoice may be related to the work of registering or renewing domain names, setting up servers, modifying web themes (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), setting up payment processes, and any other type of web-related work. Depending on the size of the project, the web developer may be paid on an ongoing basis or as a lump sum when the work is complete. Most web developers are independent contractors and prefer electronic payments made via PayPal, Transferwise, Veem, or other payment methods.

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What is a Web Developer?

What does a web developer do? There is no standard definition for a web developer because it is not a profession that solely focuses on one thing. Simply put, a web developer is someone who works on websites in some way. Most web developers know a programming language, Python, or HTML, to name a few, which allows them to “program” essentially any aspect of a website.

Type of Web Developers (4)

  1. Freelance – The method in which most web developers start as beginners, also known as freelancers. Without finding an official job, they can seek out small jobs on the internet that are in line with their current developing skills.
  2. Front-End Developer – A front-end developer is a person that specializes in constructing the design and structural layout of a website. Creating templates for content management systems, such as WordPress, is a popular job among front-end developers. Today, almost anyone can be their own front-end developer with little code knowledge as long as they have a CMS and a template to work with.
  3. Back-End Developer – A job that requires extensive knowledge about the way websites operate in the background. It often takes longer to learn to become a back-end developer than a front-end developer. Knowing multiple programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby are must-have tools in a back-end developer’s toolbox. Two primary goals a back-end developer strives to achieve are speed and efficiency when working on a website. Being able to write “clean” code that is fast and readable is important.
  4. Full-Stack Developer – A developer that has complete knowledge of front and back-end web development. A company will hire a full-stack developer to oversee a large team of other developers. Or a company that only has enough to budget for one developer will seek a developer with full-stack credentials.

Web Developer Certification

When hiring a web developer with a strong educational background, a developer with a computer science degree should be sought. Someone with a computer science degree will have a strong foundation in C++, JavaScript, and many other programming languages. However, many top web developers start very young, and it’s not always that the best web developers are college-educated. As long as a person can prove that they are qualified and produce quality work, it shouldn’t matter what type of certification they might hold. Google offers its own test (Google Developers Certification) for developers to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge. However, instead of having certifications, developers are more known to build their online presence by collaborating on the platform Github.

Web Developer Salary

  • Salary: $81,320/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $39.09/hr (source: BLS)