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Fashion Design Invoice Template

A fashion design invoice is a document that establishes a payment obligation on behalf of clients for the research and design of clothing, accessories, or other worn materials. Fashion designers that work on their own as freelancers typically price their services on an hourly basis ($/hr) or as a per-project fee. Those employed with fashion design agencies and clothing manufacturers are often paid by salary or an hourly rate if the designer is hired as a contractor.

Table of Contents

What Does a Fashion Designer do?

A fashion designer is a connoisseur of the clothing industry. These individuals analyze fashion trends, construct designs, choose materials, and work with clothing manufacturers. Fashion designers contribute to the vast amount of clothing options and accessories that exist today. Their work enables men, women, and children to purchase apparel from stores of all kinds. The profession allows for versatility and variability; Some create products for high-end companies, while others are considered fashion stylists and merely tweak pre-existing designs. Marketing and advertising are essential constituents of the fashion design realm. To combat competition, they must strive to make their work and abilities known. Many designers display their apparel in runway shows, retail stores, or use licensed products to increase their recognition.

How to Become a Fashion Designer


Becoming a successful fashion designer takes time, money, and determination. A high school diploma is required to begin this career path. The prospective designer should take plenty of art, economics, and math courses to achieve a strong background in aesthetics and logistics. Knowledge about pattern production and sewing is also a fundamental component. This period is vital in gaining insight into the field, becoming acquainted with software programs, and participating in related extracurricular activities. Following graduation, the next step is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. The National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD) lists 363 accredited schools and universities for those seeking this profession. This program furnishes students with in-depth education and high-quality resources to give them a head start in their careers.

Take an Internship

Business, fashion, and computer design classes are both abundant and valuable in this discipline, as these concepts comprise the ultimate role of a fashion designer. Students should pursue relevant internships during this time, as becoming well-known is the best way to ensure a successful future. College apprenticeships often lead them to career-driven opportunities. Assistants in manufacturing companies, retail stores, or other fashion designers are ideals starting grounds. Many of these fashion designers aspire to work in renowned fashion capitals of the world, such as London, Paris, Milan, and New York.

Fashion Designer Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $72,720/yr

Hourly Rate: $34.96/hr

(Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)