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Logo Design Invoice Template

A logo design invoice is a billing document that can be mailed, manually delivered, or electronically sent to businesses to request payment for a logo or similar graphic design. Logo designers (also called “graphic designers”) combine marketing and visual design concepts to increase a business’s recognizability and credibility. Logo designers can work as freelancers or for advertising and design agencies and can offer services ranging from designing a single logo to developing an entire brand.

Logo Design Pricing

The cost of a logo can range from a few dollars to thousands (and even tens of thousands) of dollars. The final price tag rests on a wide range of factors, including but not limited to the budget of the client, the amount of time the designer is allotted for the project, the experience of the designer, the breadth of the service and research requested, the reputation of the designer, and the number of revisions that occurred. According to 99designs, the three (4) common types of pricing tiers are as follows:

  • $10 – $50
    • Who’s doing the design: Logo maker
    • Quality: Basic + generic; quick turnaround
  • $250 – $800
    • Type of Designer: Freelance designer w/ minimum experience
    • Quality: Medium quality; small design portfolio
  • $800 – $2500
    • Type of Designer: Freelance designer
    • Quality: Professional quality & advice
  • $2500 +
    • Type of Designer: Design agency
    • Quality: High quality; multiple designs and revisions

Logo Design Programs & Tools

Logo (Graphic) Designer Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $50,370/yr

Hourly Rate: $24.21/hr

(Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics – Graphic Designers)