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Web Design Invoice Template

A web design invoice is a digital or printed document sent by a web designer to an individual or company that contracted their services. The invoice creates an obligation on behalf of the client to pay for the completed design services rendered and can include terms that require the client to pay in seven (7) days, twenty-one (21) days, or another timeframe of their choosing. Web designers can work as freelancers or as an employee for an established company; when freelancing, they typically charge their services hourly, with their rate being dependent on their experience and specialties.

Table of Contents

What do Web Designers do?

Web designers are a vital component of the website building process, typically working on the front-end of sites where they design them to be both visually appealing and equally functional. Web designers work closely with their clients to implement their needs and requests while offering recommendations they believe would suit the situation better. The duties web designers are regularly responsible for completing include:

  • Designing navigational elements
  • Using HTML & CSS coding to design the layout and color schemes of sites
  • Updating the website as required
  • Creating site back-ups
  • Troubleshooting design coding problems

Web designers can be self-taught freelancers, so long they have a working understanding of HTML, other coding languages, and the basics of web design. Alternatively, they can get a formal education through a college program where associate and bachelor’s degree programs exist. Often, earning an associate’s degree alongside a significant amount of work experience is acceptable for finding and sustaining clients. However, bachelor’s programs are increasing in popularity due to students wanting to stay competitive in the field. Due to the online focus of web design, many universities and colleges offer programs partially or entirely online. Four (4) year college majors applicable for web design include Web Development, Graphic Design, Information Technology, and many others in the computer and business-technology fields.

How much to Charge for Web Design

In the freelance world, there are no set prices for web design (and any other freelance job); it comes down to 1) the confidence in the freelancer in that their services are worth “X amount of money, 2) the amount of experience and education on their resume, 3) the quality of the work in their portfolio, and 4) the scale of their project. Research rates of comparable designers and construct a detailed budget that contains monthly and yearly costs. Add an amount for desired savings, estimate the number of annual worked hours, and divide the preferred salary by the number of hours. Once the salary has been determined, the designer can establish the hourly rate.

Web Designer Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $57,470/yr (source: glassdoor)

Hourly Rate: $19.82/hr (source: PayScale)