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Post-Production (Editing) Invoice Template

A post-production invoice contains detailed line items describing the individual charges and costs accrued during the editing of a film, song, or other creative production. Post-production can easily be the most expensive and labor-intensive part of the entire film-making or recording process; using an invoice that allows for a descriptive breakdown is essential for giving the client a clear picture of what was charged and why.

Table of Contents

What is Post-Production?

Post-production is a process completed by freelance editors and production companies for creative industries such as filmmaking, photography, and music. It arguably holds equal importance to the initial filming or recording process due to the impact on the final product. In film, for instance, post-production includes stitching scenes together, editing dialogue, mixing audio, VFX, and scoring, to name only a few of the many tasks involved with the process. While the process of editing a film varies depending on the editor’s preferences, the general outline consists of the following:

  1. Select the editing software to be used;
  2. Conduct ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement);
  3. Improve sounds with Foley Artists;
  4. Add the Music;
  5. Create a dialogue script for subtitles;
  6. Opening and end credits; and
  7. Create trailers of varying lengths.

Cost of Film Post-Production

The production of videos can range from two (2) minute advertisements to full-scale Hollywood films. Due to the vast number of factors involved, stating a single, blanketing average amount is impractical. However, getting a general pricing point is far more plausible for those who operate small businesses or act as independently contracted editors.

What are the Pricing Factors?

  • Level of graphical editing required (color correction, VFX, etc.)
  • Number of specialists hired
  • The type of equipment needed
  • Video Length
  • Audio needs

The average cost of post-production is between ten (10%) and thirty (30%) percent of the entire budget allocated to a film’s production. However, this value can change depending on what is defined as “post-production” in the budget. With the average three (3) minute video costing anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000+, one can expect to charge in the range of $200 to $1500+ for post-production.