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Production Assistant Invoice Template

A production assistant (PA) invoice is used in the film, television, and music industries to list the hours spent on a set assisting the production executives, running errands, and generally completing any miscellaneous tasks around the set and offices. When hired for a production, independent PAs will typically charge on an hourly ($/hr) basis.

Table of Contents

What does a Production Assistant do?

Production assistants are generally viewed as the “Jack of all Trades” position on film sets, as they can do relatively anything they are requested of, short of tasks that require professional training. Those interested in a film career often take job openings for PAs to provide a springboard for launching them into related professions such as cinematographers, directors, actors, and other production positions.

Duties of a Production Assistant

Onset or in the office, PAs can be expected to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Run errands
  • Manage/order catering
  • Provide around-the-set transportation
  • Make and answer phone calls

The above is only a sample of what a PA can be asked to do. They are hired to do the tasks the other workers don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do. In turn, this is the reason they are one of the most valuable members of the set.

Becoming a Production Assistant

There are no hard-set education or experience requirements for becoming a production assistant. The more related experience a PA has on their resume, the higher their chances of landing a job. Those genuinely determined to make it into the film or television industries can pursue formal education by earning a degree in film, communications, or videography. While this doesn’t guarantee a job, it will improve applicants’ desirability among other applying PAs.

Production Assistant Salary

The average salary and hourly rate of a PA are mainly dependent on 1) their experience, and 2) the budget of the production, and 3) whether the position is full-time or contracted. According to Salary.com, the average PA earns a salary of $30,296 to $32,979 a year.

Salary: $32,979/yr (source: Salary.com)
Hourly Rate: $13.81/hr (source: Indeed)