Tech Support Invoice Template

A tech support invoice is used by a person who specializes in handling issues related to technology at the request of a person or a company needing help.

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What is Tech Support?

Tech support is any type of help offered by an individual, either in person or by email/chat/phone, related to technology. Tech support is often associated with a division within a technology company that offers support for the customers and users of its products. Third parties specializing in fixing and servicing technological devices are the most likely to issue a tech support invoice. Companies mainly offer tech support in the following ways:

  • Email
  • Live Online Chat
  • Phone
  • Ticketing System

Tech Support Jobs

Most tech companies offer support for free, as a paid service, or available when bought as insurance. With popular tech products such as the iPhone, many third-party companies/technicians offer tech support also, due to the massive demand for services. For example, a customer may call Apple about questions about how an iPhone works but may use a third-party company to fix a cracked iPhone screen. Tech support jobs primarily fall under two categories: (1) tech information support and (2) tech physical support. While working in the information sector, jobs consist of answering questions and solving issues through communication. In the tech physical support sector, those employed must be qualified to assist, install, and fix products purchased by customers. Jobs in tech physical support could include smart home installation, computer support, tv mounting, wifi, networks, etc. Technicians can find jobs locally with HelloTech.

Tech Support Salary

The following information pertains to tech support related to computers, including those who provide assistance in person and over the phone. Salary: $60,550/yr Hourly Rate: $29.11/hr (source: