Daycare (Child Care) Invoice Template

A daycare invoice is a form sent to a parent or guardian of a child that demands payment for child care services. Such an invoice should include the name of the child, hours/days cared for, cost per hour/day, dates cared for, and the total amount due.

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How Much Do Daycare (Child Care) Workers Make?

The only essential requirement for daycare workers to behold is that they be good with children and have the patience to be with young kids for long period of time. At first, it may be shocking to see how little daycare workers make (salary) but because there is little to no teaching involved in their work, they don’t get paid as much. Respectively, daycare centers that incorporate teaching a formal level of education pay daycare workers higher salaries.


  • Overseeing outdoor and indoor activity
  • Cooking/feeding children
  • Bathing/dressing (depending on age)
  • Teaching (limited)

There are a large number of child care workers in the United States, with over 560,000 people employed. The average hourly wage is $13.31 with an annual wage salary of $27,680. (Source: BLS)

Daycare Near Me

Daycare businesses can come in various forms. Some are strictly child care centers while other incorporate it as a side service. Therefore it’s best to specify the exact type of daycare service you need. For example, if you are looking for a daycare service for a dog or an infant child, it’s best to be exact to find the right day care service. Use Google Maps to see listings of daycares in your local area.