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A photography service invoice is for any type of professional images to be taken for events, modeling, or editing purposes.

Commercial Photography Invoice – Specifically for a commercial purpose such as product images, aerial photos, headshots, etc.

Portrait Photography Invoice – For any drawn or painted portrait.

Photography Types

Table of Contents

  • Photography Invoices: By Type
  • How to Hire a Photographer
  • Top 10 Photography Categories

How to Hire a Photographer

We will look at the fundamental steps to follow when hiring a photographer. The number one skill a photographer must know is the ability to use light when taking photos. Like a fingerprint, every photographer has their own style. Look at the photographer’s online gallery to get a sense of their style and also the type of landscapes or portraits they are accustomed to take before hiring. If seeking to hire a photographer for a wedding engagement, it would not be a good idea to select a photographer that only has a history of taking photos of nature or landscapes.

Step 1 – Search Local Market

The market is flooded with photographers, both good and bad. Unless you have the cash to splash, it doesn’t make sense to fly in a photographer that lives thousands of miles away. Due to the amount of photographers available, you will be able to find a talented photographer that specializes in the subject of your project. The best way to find a photographer is by using doing a search on Google. Try the following search terms:

  • Photography services near me
  • Photographer for hire + location (such as Los Angeles or Miami)
  • Photography + subject ( such as wedding or real estate)

If the location services on your device is turned on, you should see local listings within the results from your search.

Step 2 – Compare Portfolios

A professional photographer should have their own website showcasing their portfolio. Just by looking at the photographer’s portfolio, it should tell you quickly about their style and the type of shoots/events they normally do. If all you see are pictures of houses and drone (aerial) footage, chances are that photographer would be good for real estate photography. Likewise, if their portfolio shows the bride and groom in most of their photos, they would be consideration a good hire for a wedding photography project.

Step 3 – Define Project

Once you have come to a decision on the selection of your photographer, you’ll then have to submit a plan or a project to the photographer so that they can have a full understanding of your needs. The Who, What, Where, and When needs to be detailed in the submitted project. The photographer can then get into the specifics about what they can and can not do. Only until the photographer approves of the submitted project with an estimate of the cost should you consider hiring.

Step 4 – Sign an Agreement

Photographers will want their clients to sign a contract agreement in order to protect themselves from losses due to cancellations, no shows, and copyrights. Normally photos that are taken by the photographer are considered their own property, even if they are being paid to take the photos. When the photographer’s invoice is paid by the client, the photographer will then deliver the photos. As per the contract agreement, clients will have the ability to use the photos when delivered as they will have a license provided by the photographer.

Top 10 Photography Categories

Use a photography invoice when providing services within any of the following categories below.

  1. Nude Photography
  2. Wedding Photography
  3. Newborn Photography
  4. Real Estate Photography
  5. Aerial Photography
  6. Landscape Photography
  7. Macro Photography
  8. Erotic Photography
  9. Family Photography
  10. Food Photography