Event Photography Invoice Template

An event photography invoice is a document that a photographer uses to bill a client for photography services provided during an event. An event photographer is typically responsible for capturing all highlights of the event, including speeches, presentations, acknowledgments, and other notable moments. The photographer may also be responsible for image editing and providing an event timeline, collection, or gallery in the requested file format.

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How to Create an Event Photography Invoice That Will Get You Paid Fast

It’s good practice to send a client an event photography invoice within a week of the event. The invoice can be sent via email, mail, or hand-delivered. If the invoice is not paid within 30 days, the photographer may charge a late fee.

What is Event Photography?

Event photography refers to photography services engaged for specific events, including award presentations, banquets, birthday parties, conventions, conferences, galas, political events, meetings, and reunions.

For a wedding, which is the most common type of event requiring event photography, use a specific wedding invoice.

Event photographers are responsible for capturing both candid and important moments that occur during an event. Their images will form the basis of most attendees’ memories of the occasion, so they tend to look for special moments of natural emotion and love that, when presented as a collection, tell a heartwarming story. They tend to seek a balance between journalistic and artistic.

How to Become an Event Photographer

Probably the best way to become a marketable event photographer is to build a portfolio by doing freelance jobs. At first, you may be doing some of these for free as a means of building your body of work. You can use a website builder like WordPress or Squarespace to display your portfolio so that when clients inquire about your services, you can send them images that give them an idea of your style and capabilities. It’s also a good idea to practice directing people, as event photographers are often required to stage and set up specific shots. Invest in good-quality camera gear and editing software and research what other photographers are charging. Then, start marketing yourself via social media, freelancing sites, networking events, and word-of-mouth.

Event Photography Software

Most professional photographers use software to download and edit their photos. Here are some of the most popular options:

Event Photography Pricing/Rates

An event photographer should make pricing very clear and fair to customers. A simple way to price is to offer two options: a full day (8 hours) and a half-day (4 hours) price. When offering a full or half-day price, include a photo count. Remember to include a travel fee if a customer inquires about an event outside your normal area of business. List the areas (counties, cities, states) on your pricing page or give a mile radius from a location you are willing to serve. Event photographers and all photographers offering services should require a retainer fee. A retainer fee protects a photographer from losing out on being paid in the event of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. When setting a price, consider the type of event, the location of the event, the number of photographers needed, the length of the event, and the specific photography services required. In general, event photography prices can range from $50-$250 per hour.

Event Photography Contract

An event photography contract details the legal rules pertaining to the shoot and the use of the photos thereafter. A contract should be signed before any money is transferred from the client to the photographer. A photography contract should cover the following:

  • Shoot location (including the date and personal info of the client and photographer)
  • The total amount of shoot and non-refundable deposit
  • Copyright law (who has control over the photos after the shoot is complete)
  • Model release (allows the photographer to use the images to promote their services in the future)
  • Other services

Features of an Event Photography Invoice

An event photography invoice should include the following features:

  • Photographer’s name and contact information (e.g. phone number, address)
  • Photographer’s logo (if applicable)
  • Client’s name and contact information
  • Invoice number
  • A description of the event
  • A description of photography services rendered
  • Total amount due
  • Applicable taxes
  • Methods photographer uses for accepting payments (e.g. PayPal, check)

An invoice can be generated using a computer program like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. This requires some skill, as fields must be created for each line item on the invoice. For simpler, easier invoice generation, use Invoice Maker’s online invoice generator.

Event Photography Invoicing Tips

  • Always require a non-refundable down payment of up to 50% of the total project cost.
  • Come up with a screening process for all clients by putting together a list of questions. This will help you get to know clients better and prepare for shoots the right way.
  • After signing an event photography contract, provide the client with a copy.
  • Photos should only be released to the client until the payment is made in full.

Event Photography Invoicing FAQ

What is the turnaround time for event photography?

The turnaround time for event photography can vary depending on the size and scope of the event, as well as the number of photographers working on the project. However, in general, event photographers aim to have the majority of photos edited and delivered within two to three weeks after the event has taken place.

What is the average number of photos taken during an event photography session?

Some event photographers may take thousands of photos during a single session, while others may only take a handful. The average number of photos taken during an event photography session will likely fall somewhere in the middle.

What is the average number of edited photos delivered after an event photography session?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it can vary greatly depending on the photographer, the event, the size of the event, the number of photographers hired, the number of guests, the length of the event, the type of event, the location of the event, the weather, the time of year, etc. In general, though, most event photographers deliver between 50 and 200 edited photos per event.