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Event Space Rental Invoice Template

An event space rental invoice is used to collect a down payment or the entire fee prior to an event taking place at an owner’s property. Whether or not the price is all-inclusive, the invoice should detail all charges while leaving no hidden fees.

Related Invoices

Event Staffing Invoice – Used to bill a renter for staffing an event with part-time employees that are already trained to work a venue/event space.

Event Planner Invoice – Used when requesting payment from a client that ordered event planning services. It’s most commonly used for weddings.

Event Space Pricing

Owners should always be clear and transparent when listing their even space for rent. A prospective renter should never feel as though there are hidden charges or fees. An owner should calculate all of their expenses and offer the space for an all-inclusive price. By offering a single price, it allows the renter to compare spaces and make a choice. Most renters will choose a venue that is honest and direct in their pricing model. There are many factors that go into pricing an event space. The two most significant factors are the maximum amount of people the venue can seat and stand. Typically, the amount of people standing is about double the amount of people that can be seated. Most event spaces can seat at least 100 people. Other factors that go into the pricing an event space:

  • Location – An event space located in the heart of NYC will go for a lot more money than an event space located in a rural town outside of Oklahoma.
  • Food and Beverage – In-house catering providing food, meals, and drinks.
  • Amenities – Media room, business center/conference rooms, outdoor space, rooftop, overnight rooms, theater space, parking and valet parking, WiFi, and views (city or ocean).
  • Size – The total square footage of the event space.

Event Space Rental Agreement

Even if an event space is rented out for one day, the owner of an event space should still want to have a rental agreement set in place for maximum protection. Owners need to protect themselves from being liable for personal injury occurring on their property and want to protect themselves from damage to the property caused by patrons attending an event. By having an agreement and if the damage is to occur, the renter will be responsible for the costs of curing the damage. Use this event space rental agreement before allowing an event to take place.

Event Space Rental Near Me

There are booking websites available that cater only to event spaces, including Splacer, Spacebase, and Peerspace. Use this Google Maps link to see a list of event space rentals in your area.