Professional Services Invoice Template

A professional services invoice is for an individual that performs a trade that, most commonly, needs a license to do their work. If the service provider requires a license, the client is usually able to perform a lookup and verify the person holds a license for a specific jurisdiction. A professional service is typically hired on a per hour ($/hr) basis for consulting and additional labor. Examples: Lawyer, doctor, dentist, accountant, architect, hairstylist, etc.

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What are Professional Services?

There are two (2) definitions of professional services: 1.) Licensed Professionals – Any trade where the individual is required to receive a certification or license by attending trade schools, getting trained, and passing a standardized test. 2.) Ethical Standards – Any trade where the individual has a high level of expertise in the specific industry and carries themselves in a polite, respectful manner in front of others. This can also be synonymous with a person that holds a certification or designation from an organization within their industry.

Professional Consultant Salary & Hourly Rate

Salary: $92,221/yr (source: Glassdoor) Hourly Rate: $36/hr (source: