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Consultant Invoice Template

A consultant invoice is a form sent from a consultant to a client as a payment request for services provided. A consultant is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in a specific industry and who uses this past experience to assist an individual, company, or organization in exchange for a fee.

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Consulting Invoices – By Type

What is a Consultant?

A consultant is a hired professional who can give expert advice in a particular field or niche. Consultant work ranges considerably across all types of professions. When a consulting invoice is issued to a company or individual, it usually means that the consultant was hired as an independent contractor. Consultants are hired on a per hour, per job, or full-time basis.

What Does a Consultant Do?

A consultant plays many roles in helping a business achieve their end goal, whether that’s helping a new business owner get up and running (e.g., a new fast-food franchise) or helping to pinpoint problems within a company. Consultants with proven track records and who are experts within their fields are highly coveted. The following are the best use cases for a consultant:

  • Give expertise, fresh advice and strategy to a business;
  • Identify internal problems may not be obvious;
  • To be the “bad guy” such as hire and fire employees; and
  • Make changes to a company without having to worry about company politics.

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